Weblog of the Mobile Hippie

The <a href=""http://www.mobilehippie.com/"">Weblog of the Mobile Hippie</a> has just received a much needed visual update.

I had been wanting to add comments to my blog for sometime, but due to the time output—however little that may have been—I was slow to get around to it. Well, now I have comments, a new navigation bar, and a slick flexible layout that takes advantage of max-width to limit line length and hold the layout together—Internet Explorer can't see this.

While I know there is a <a href=""http://www.svendtofte.com/code/max_width_in_ie/"">hack to simulate max-width in IE</a> using expression(), but I'm hesitant to use it as it crashed the browser several times during testing. This glitch may be due to my installation of multiple instances of IE. Multiple installations has created other glitches for me in the past—including a shifting text bug that nearly caused me to throw out a whole CSS file until I realized that it could not be duplicated on my home computer or coworkers computers. The only difference in setup on my home computer was the multiple installs of IE. So the moral of this story is that the only thing worse than one install of IE is multiple installs of IE. Unfortunately, I can't give up the multi-install as I don't want to run a separate OS for IE 5.01 and IE 5.5, and with their significant share of the market, they must be tested for.

Incidentally, you are out of luck if you are using an older version of IE on this site. I haven't included a high-pass filter and CSS overrides for these browsers—my personal site is a much, much lower priority than the sites that make up my day job.