Turning over a new leaf... again... and again...

By far the most difficult aspect of blogging is keeping up the momentum of writing. The most successful bloggers may appear to have a ton of time on their hands–and many probably do–but they have something else as well. They have developed a drive to write and write often. (It probably helps when you suddenly start getting regular comments on your blog and are introduced to a taste of fame.)

MobileHippie has languished for an extremely long time. I’ve never really been able to convince myself that blogging was important enough to commit to it. I certainly haven’t had the time to put any real effort into establishing a line of thought on which this blog can focus.

At first I thought a blog about being a designer/developer would be interesting, but I don’t design or develop enough these days to add anything meaningful to that conversation. I could write about being a project manager, but there are others with far more experience that have contributed outstanding articles covering effective project management techniques. I could write a more personal blog about being a parent or the state of public schools or the challenges and joys of raising a family in North Portland. I could write a bit about commuting by bicycle and the all-weather joy of being carless by choice–mostly.

In the end, none of these topics seem compelling enough to focus a regular blog. While there is little doubt that many of these topics will come up when I begin to write more regularly, they will not be the focus.

So what will be the focus? Coming soon.