First Look at Mint

I just took a first look at Mint, a new financial management tool that just won a place in the TechCrunch40. I am impressed. I’ll follow up with a more in depth review once I’ve worked up the nerve to share my online banking information with them…that’s a big leap for me. Until then, here are a few salient points:

So the only thing that really scares me about this service is how much they will know about you in such a short period of time. They will know where you live and exactly where you spend your money. This is even scarier than RFID in some ways… but it is also the one thing I can’t stand sinking time into on a weekly basis.

I have been using either Quicken or Moneydance for about 12 years now. I rely on that software to tell me how well or how poorly I’m doing financially at any given moment. However, it is a lot of work and a constant headache. Especially since I have to manually download a QIF from one of my financial institutions and “import” it to get transactions. Such a PITA.

If I get up the nerve to go deeper into this, I will post screenshots. (No, I will not include my transaction info.)