Cyldesdales coming to the Cross Crusade

[Via Bike Portland] Cyldesdales coming to the Cross Crusade. I qualify for this category. I wonder if there is a cyclocross bike loaner program for us beefy riders? That’s a lot of extra stress on the bike!

Note to anyone concerned for my health: I weigh considerably less than when I was a offensive lineman on my high school football team when I weighed in excess of 260 pounds. My svelter self is in large part due to cycling and the calories I burn commuting to work and riding on the weekends. With my 6’ 3” frame, I doubt I could ever weigh less than 200 pounds. That said, I could stand to lose about 10 pounds right now as my commute-by-bike options have been hampered by the kids’ new school schedule.

A couple clydesdale races might be just the ticket for burning off some calories and raising the endorphine levels a bit.