What Would Boxes and Arrows Do? (WWBAD)

In the course of handing off a project to another company, I just had the opportunity to say “just build them Boxes and Arrows on Drupal and they’ll be thrilled.” While I was merely using hyperbole to make a point, it got be thinking. What do they use to deliver their content?

The answer is PublicSquare. This is a subscription-based service for creating an online magazine with a community component. I’ve always like the layout and general functionality of Boxes and Arrows and now I know what they use to serve up their content.

I plan to look into this a bit more as the idea of a subscription-based magazine CMS intruiges me. I would have signed up for an account today, but it turns out that they have an expired security certificate on their account sign up page. I wonder if they know that?  (It expired on December 6, 2007.)