Starting a new phase at Phase2

In May, I announced my departure from the Drupal Association. Since my last day on June 10th, it has been a whirlwind of family events punctuated by conversations with organizations big and small about opportunities. There were so many cool places that I’ve talked to about what makes their work special. It was not an easy decision to pick a spot to land—it was even harder to end the month of extended family vacation. So much hiking and running and driving!

I’m excited to start at Phase2 as Director of Engineering on Monday, July 18th. I’ve long been a fan of Jeff and Frank and the incredible business and team culture they’ve built.

It’s always fun to start something new and get to know new coworkers. I can’t wait to meet my new clients and start getting to work adding value to their technology projects.

And now for a last bit of funemployment with family…