Portland.gov Project Overview

At DrupalCon Seattle, I presented Architecting government websites: migrating Portland.gov to Drupal 8. Unfortunately, the 90-minute sessions were not recorded this year. I have had a lot of requests for more information about the project with Portland and the slides from the presetation.

We posted an overview of the project on our beta site. About the POWR project—we do love our acronyms in government. This overview takes a high-level walk through the project and its objectives. A migration of this scale is not a small project, but the eGovernment team at the City of Portland have been amazing—and a ton of progress has been made. The hardest part of an effort like this is the wrangling of stakeholders across over 30 offices and hundreds of existing editors.

It still feels like we are on track for a 2019 switchover of PortlandOregon.gov over to the new Portland.gov. I cannot wait to see how the public responds to the new site when we start marketing the switch!